Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fiddling While Rome Burns

The Republicans Strategize

Some quotes to ponder, from the article:

Some officials added that Republicans have begun discussing a pre- election strategy for seizing the political high ground on an issue that so far has served to highlight divisions within the party. Among the possibilities, these officials said, are holding votes in the House or Senate this fall on additional measures to secure the borders, or on legislation that would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving Social Security payments or other government benefits.

"The discussion is how to put the Democrats in a box without attacking the president," said one aide, speaking on condition of anonymity.

So, lemme see if I have this straight... someone, please point out where I'm wrong!

#1 When the subject is "Illegal Immigration," the House Republicans hold a meeting not on "What's the best thing to do for the good of the country and my constituents?", but instead they try to decide how to get an advantage in the next election.

Does anyone see why I have a problem with point number 1? C'mon guys, do you want to get re-elected? I'm now going to reveal the Holy Grail of politics, in all its glory:

Do what is best and right for the country, regardless of other considerations.

Did you get that, politicians? This is what will not only keep you in power, but it will get you even MORE power by weakening your opposition. After all, those who are opposing you are, by definition, NOT doing what is best and right for the country.

#2 "...how to put democrats into a box without attacking the president."

Did I hear that right? You can't distinguish his actions from those of democrats easily? Is that what you said?

OK... Here's another big clue for you politicians:

If you can't easily determine the difference between A and B, then A and B are similar. Therefore, the president is acting like a democrat in regards to the amnesty plan, and should be opposed. You don't look like you're attacking someone just by disagreeing with them. You can even disagree strongly without attacking.

#3 If more border protection is necessary, don't vote for it later, for some political reason. I don't want to see a refinery blown up in August because allocating the money to stop it wasn't scheduled to be voted on until September for political reasons. Likewise cutting off benefits. See point #1.

If it is good for the country nearer to the election, it is good for the country now.

Do what is good for the country, not the party, and you will win.

Pull a political stunt and have it literally blow up in your faces at your own peril.

We need action, not calculation.


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