Monday, July 10, 2006

Heard on the Radio today

This morning, Pat Gray, from KPRC radio 950-AM, Houston, Texas, said something that paraphrases, from my memory, as:

"When it comes to questions between freedom and security, I've come to the conclusion that I'm coming down on the side of freedom nearly all the time."

Now, I'm writing this about 4 hours after he said it, and I didn't write it down at the time he said it, but I've been thinking about it, and it's been bothering me. I'm pretty sure I got his statement fairly correct. I will, of course, make any corrections of fact if such are presented to me.

This quote came from Pat talking about the new curfews that City Council is inflicting on the people of Houston. Something about 16 year olds and younger having to be off the streets by 10 pm on a weeknight was the general topic.

Pat thought this was government interference where it really didn't have a place. I'm in full agreement that "Public Safety" is not a valid reason for this curfew. I've heard of very few roving bands of teens and preteens ransacking neighborhoods at random. Inflicting this curfew (yes, I mean "inflict") on our kids is intended to accomplish what purpose? Public Safety? How about stopping all the seat belt checks and neighborhood watch meeting speeches (on paid time) and devote a few more officers toward actually arresting bad guys rather than punishing seatbelt scofflaws.

But I digress. Back to Pat's show:

Anyways, last week, Pat was all over no smoking laws as being hunky-dory since it was a public health issue.

I think it is also government interference into a private citizen's life, similar to the curfew issue.

Then, following that logic, the curfew is a public safety issue. In the broader sense, so is public health a public safety issue. Pat is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

His personal animus toward cigarette smoke has clouded his view on the issue of government interference. Both cases are government interference into personal issues.

We need more enforcement, not more laws.


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