Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lebanese Mother Names Child for Rocket

Raad is Named for Iranian Rocket
Isn't this just lovely? It always comes back to Golda Meir's statement that the Mideast War will continue until the Muslims love their children more than they hate ours.

This idiot named her 8th child after a rocket, and plans to have more likewise named. More cannon fodder, more like it.

The muslims don't respect life, so why do we worry about taking theirs? They don't care, so let's get this over with in the only way it can be ended: No more muslims or no more non-muslims. That's the only two choices.


Blogger Lee said...

" A lesser man might have wavered that day in the hospital corridor, a weaker man might have compromised on such excellent substitutes as Drum Major, Minor Major, Sergeant Major, or C. Sharp Major, but Major Major's father had waited fourteen years for just such an opportunity, and he was not a person to waste it.
- Joseph Heller, Catch-22"

Parents the world over have been giving their children crazy names...it's not just confined to Muslims.

How, I wonder the daughter of American actor Penn Jillette feels, with a name such as 'Moxie Crimefighter'? She's only a year old at this point in time. One would hope her parents see the light and change her name before she gets much older!

A Turkish couple in Germany about four years ago wanted to name their baby ‘Osama bin Laden’. German law, however, prohibits offensive names - such as ‘Hitler’ - and the couple have thus far being unable to go ahead with the name.

The world is full of crazy people...that's why it's in such a mess!

When working in a resort up north, years ago, someone with the last name 'wannadiki' applied for a position! Perhaps her first name was "Mia"!

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