Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sky-is-Falling Crowd Gains New Adherent

Wal-Mart Caves to Envirus-Mental Crowd

So, Wal-Mart is buying in to the "global warming" fanaticism.

Sometimes the sun is hotter than others. Sometimes the sun is cooler than at other times. It is not amazing that the earth's temperature varies with this cycle.

What arrogance! We can "accidentally" cause global warming... If this is so, then we surely could purposely cause global cooling, wouldn't you think?

The sun and its cycles have almost complete control over our temperature, and it is easy to illustrate this. If you'd just take a second while sunbathing to realize how much MORE heat from the sun is penetrating our biosphere than is penetrating your body. All that land is heating, everywhere there is sunlight, just like it is heating your skin and therefore, your internal body temperature.

If you have to roll over every few minutes due to the heat, don't you think that the Earth is receiving so much more heat, due to its larger surface area?

How about painting New Mexico white? How much heat would be reflected, and therefore not absorbed by the earth?

"Global Warming is man's fault" requires more religious faith to believe than the amount of faith required for any of the world's major religions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It are fault you communist you :)

No fair using logic in hysterical arguments

My personal favorite is the idiots who think the Panama Canal is causing El Nino by redirecting the gulf currents ( it might have to do with the enourmous volcanic cents on the ear floor warming the water causing the hurricane season - but whats science got to do with it anyway)

Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 12:11:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Keboard be actin up agin

Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 12:12:00 PM CDT  

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